Intelligence, Imagination, Life

Our - is the best engineers, analysts, developers and managers. We create products that change the way people think about technology.


We provide cybersecurity, counteract fraud, help companies monitor the activity of their employees and customers.

Big Data

ВнWe implement enterprise-class data warehouses. Our speed crawlers will help analyze any array of unstructured information.


Industry reports, the information field analysis, comparison of brands and competitors. We create online researches with high quality data visualization.

Fubutech Falcon 6

Our most advanced product for image recognition and visual mapping of individuals.

Fubutech SHIELD

The full stack solution for open sources monitoring and prevent threats, crisis management analytics and decision support.

Tableau Server

"Iron" dedicated server with set Tableau Server, monitoring, logging, and advanced user web interface.


Innovation in the use of renewable energy sources and management systems.

The world protection

Our algorithms of image recognition and solutions for enhanced information about the people and the decision support systems development.


Solutions for analysis and comparison of the data in the high-speed exchange trading systems.